Austin Filmmaker’s Riveting Film ‘Take Shelter’ Oscar Worthy

11 Dec

Premiering nearly a year ago at Sundance, “Take Shelter”, an independent film by Austin writer-director, Jeff Nichols finally hit limited theaters this fall and has received much praise from critics and film fests throughout the year.

The film tracks the live of a Midwestern working class man and father, Curtis, played by Michael Shannon and his battle with haunting nightmares and vivid hallucinations of an apocalyptic storm.  The character struggles with his grip on reality confused on whether he is suffering from mental illness or perhaps there is some validity to his madness.  He becomes obsessed with protecting his family by building a storm shelter in his backyard.  His lucid visions and increasingly odd behavior put strain on his family, friends, and work.

Shannon along with Jessica Chastain (“Tree of Life” and “The Help”), who plays his wife, gives a brilliant and riveting performance. There is definitely potential for both actors to get Oscar noms based on their performances.  Another actor of mention, making an appearance include:  his “Boardwalk Empire” co-star, Shea Whigham, who plays his best friend in this chilling drama.

The film and score are haunting, hypnotic, and enigmatic!  The movie lingers with you even after  you leave the theater.


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