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It’s All About the Music: A Love Reborn

9 Feb

I was introduced to music at very young age. My dad is a child of the 60’s. He practically gave me his vinyl collection before I could read. I grew up with the classics: the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Steppenwolf, and Led Zeppelin as part of my dad’s compilation of records.

My dad bought me “one” of my first 45’s, Gloria by Laura Branigan, when I was barely 5 years old. I was proud of my very own little collection as well including titles of the time: Physical by Olivia Newton John and Mickey by Tony Basil. All my 45’s have since perished a casualty of my childhood dog, a Chow-German Shepherd mix, She-Ra. Yes, like the Princess of Power.

But my favorites were always the greats like Abbey Road (my most played album), which I still have in LP collection back home.

I even went through a big Jim Morrison phase, as probably the rest of America did, when the movie, The Doors, came out. I had also just finished the book, No One Here Gets Out Alive. Between the two, it sparked an obsession. In my junior high yearbook picture, I could’ve been mistaken for Jim Morrison’s daughter, an unintentional result of my fixation.

But somewhere along the way I became somewhat music illiterate losing my passion and love of music for more than a decade. In recent years my love of music has regained momentum and 2012 it skyrocketed. I found myself at SXSW, ACL, FunFunFun Fest and many local shows.

One of my favorite parts of SXSW Music (maybe because I’ve often been wristbandless) is the KGSR morning series. Waking up before sun up, donating a few bucks to a good cause, and hearing SXSW bands play acoustic in an intimate setting, what’s not to like? There is no standing on your tip toes, bobbing of heads, or trying to push your way to the front to see. It is you and maybe 300+ SXSW goers in room listening to incredible artists like James Mercer of the Shins and Fun.

SXSW for me was once all about the parties and now it is all about the music.

The pinnacle of my music rebirth had to be at the recent Quiet Company concert at Antone’s just a couple weeks back. I went to the legendary rock joint as part of my Austin bucket list to hear one of their several last concerts before the popular music venue moved to their new home on East Riverside.

Come to discover each band of the night offered an intensity of intrigue.

But nothing prepared me for the performance given by Quiet Company. Intoxicated by the electrifying sounds, I watched, I jumped, I danced, and I listened as the Austin band brought down the house and reminded me of my lost love of music.

Now I have another vinyl to add to my collection.

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