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Perfect Chaos Breaks Into Austin Video Production Scene

6 Feb

Perfect Chaos Films broke into the video production scene this Summer in Austin. The company founded by Michael Mason (the love of my life) has flourished since its start this past July 2015. Perfect Chaos Films has a diversified portfolio from tech companies to non-profits.

Houston native, Michael Mason has lived in Austin, off and on for 20 years, and came to the Violet Crown for his love of film. While he left for a short bit, Austin will always be home.

His journey outside Austin led him to work for a top talent & literary agency in Los Angeles, which aided in his increased knowledge in story development. In addition to his experiences on the West Coast, Michael has worked as associate news producer, worked for a local ad & video production outfit, and has trained as a commercial actor.

What also sets him apart from the competition is his experience in working for a variety of Austin tech companies giving him the understanding of both fields tech and video.

He started the company, because he saw a spot in the marketplace where technology has made it affordable for companies to have amazing videos.

He touts offering high-quality, personable, and aesthetically pleasing videos for a competitive price, which is perfect for non-profits and start-ups.

Visit Perfect Chaos Films at www.perfectchaosfilms.com.

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